Life, Lyme, and Logic – An Update

My Dear Readers, I realize I've been pulling back on publishing for the past few days... ...Weeks... Okay, months. :/ Between health issues, blog transitions, and life, it's been a challenge. I just moved Reflection Cube and The Bleeding Blogger from to This change required me to obtain my own hosting plan directly …

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brain comprised of tears - depression, sadness, crying, blogging obstacles and challenges

Blogging Obstacles and Challenges

In the middle of the hardest month of the year for me (physiologically, neurologically, emotionally), continually creating fresh, thoughtful, and substantial content can be particularly challenging - especially if my emotions are going berserk. I don't want to write something I'll later regret - in the heat of emotions and long nights of insomnia and …

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The Lonely Road

    For fortune, fame, or favor I will not take the trodden road. For accolades and words of praise I will not trade my soul. For dopamine spikes From follows and likes My heart will not be sold. I will not ignore the voice within, I will not lose sight of my goal. I will …

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