Where’d RC Go? (A Quick Update)

Hey guys! In case you were wondering what became of Reflection Cube for a couple weeks, the hosting expired. I was just recently able to get things back up and running again. I'm hoping to do the same with my other blog (thebleedingblogger.com) in a couple weeks, and possibly eventually Health Hobo. P.S. To see …

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black hole, void, perfection, busyness

Black Holes – Busyness and Perfection

Perfection For most - if not all - of my life, I've been a perfectionist. And there have been times when that's come in handy. Like in coding, learning (but not performing on) the piano, and working at a medical imaging facility. However, my perfectionism has also led me to waste much of my time on …

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golden illusion

Four Illusions that Waste Our Time and Destroy Our Lives

Illusion #1: