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Life, Lyme, and Logic – An Update

Kate/ August 2, 2018

My Dear Readers, I realize I’ve been pulling back on publishing for the past few days… …Weeks… Okay, months. :/ Between health issues, blog transitions, and life, it’s been a challenge. I just moved Reflection Cube and The Bleeding Blogger from WordPress.com

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Kate/ January 9, 2018

Courtesy of Cold, Flu, and Stomach Bug.

Goodbye, 2017

Kate/ January 1, 2018

You will be remembered fondly, but not missed.

Platitudes and Cliches You’re Probably Tired of Hearing

Kate/ September 8, 2017

Disclaimer: Several of these topics are very important to me, so my writing may sound a bit heated, but I am not intending to hurt or bash anyone. This is a collection of platitudes and cliches from various (often personal) experiences and

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