Why Jesus Hates Religion: Part 9 – Division in the Body

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Finding the Sacred Everywhere

Can you meet God anywhere? Even in an uncomfortable setting – perhaps something different from what you grew up with?

Or, when visiting another church fellowship, are you so distracted and annoyed by the furniture, the different worship style, the theological differences on small, non-central issues, the way people dress, or the different leadership structure, that you don’t believe the Spirit and Truth of God can be present there, and you’re unable to meet him, and let him breathe through you in your worship?

If the church buildings and traditions were to collapse, who would still be the church, even if they couldn’t “attend” church at a beautiful building, in the “right” denomination,  with all the normal, comfortable church supplies for the rites and processions on hand?

What is our solid rock – bricks and stones, or the chief corner stone?

Are you prepared…

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Why Jesus Hates Religion: Part 5 – Religion Doesn’t Really Need God

The Bleeding Blogger

The Heart of Worship

Christ can work wherever he chooses. In any denomination, any church style.

The style is not what matters.

It’s whether the style has become the idol or focal point of that church.

The “right” way to do things.

It’s the question of who – or what – is at the center of that church. God, or men? The Spirit, or flesh? Entertainment, or worship?

A church building may be aesthetically appealing – or its music sweet to the ear – and this does not necessarily mean that the focal point of the church is entertainment.

It takes vision and discernment of the Spirit to know who is at the center of the church, regardless of the material surroundings and aesthetics, or lack thereof.

The question is, are the worshipers within still able to meet God in a different – perhaps less comfortable or familiar – church setting? 

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