Ego, shadow (unconscious), aspirational (subconscious), and superego image

The Sixteen Types – Ego, Shadow, Subconscious, and Superego Dimensions

Ever had trouble determining your personality type? In less mature years, I tested as INFJ (which is not, in any way, to imply that INFJs are less mature. I got that result, however, during a period in which I was still - largely unwittingly - copying others). Then, during an existential crisis, I tested as …

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ENTJ INTJ ESFP ISFP - INTP compatibility

INTP Compatibility

What personality types are theoretically most compatible with INTPs? Please note that compatibility is different from camaraderie (as explained well by C.S. Joseph). Camaraderie often exists between similar types, such as the INTP and ENTP. However, a high-camaraderie relationship is not necessarily the same as a complementary or compatible relationship (in terms of work and …

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hooded woman in shadows - INTP shadow - ENTJ

INTPs Under Stress: The Shadow Functions

I've written some about struggles faced as an INTP female. However, there is an extra layer of INTP depth and darkness we have not explored. This layer is exposed during seasons of stress. It is the INTP shadow. What is the Shadow? It has been said that our shadow is the part of us that …

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remembering function stacks

How to Remember Myers-Briggs Function Stacks

For several years, I was annoyed that I couldn't detect the pattern behind Myers-Briggs type function stacks. How did others have an internal grasp of every type's stack? Did they simply memorize them all? Some of them seemed to understand the patterns behind the stacks, but I had never encountered a clear explanation as to …

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distortions - factors that can skew MBTI, Myers-Briggs, Jungian personality type test results

Five Factors that Could Skew Personality Test Results

Have you taken a 16 personalities test multiple times throughout your life, only to get varying results for your type? Maybe even from the same website or test? Let's examine some factors that could potentially skew test results. Please note: I had some difficulty locating many sources/references for this piece, and so most of this information …

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signs an INTP likes you and might be interested in you - bear holding heart

Signs an INTP Might Like, Like You

Is your crush an INTP? Wondering if the interest might be mutual?

What’s Your Personality Type?

For years, I've been fascinated with the study of MBTI personality types. While I'm not a big fan of assigning labels to people - as individuals are so much more complex and diverse than 16 groupings can possibly represent - I have found the knowledge of a person's personality test results to be invaluable in …

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