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A Sign of Cultural Collapse

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Association Fallacy (Guilt by Association and Honor by Association)

Arguing that because two things share (or are implied to share) some property, they are the same.

Premise: A is a B.

Premise: A is also a C.

Conclusion: Therefore, all Bs are Cs.

Association fallacy illustration

  • Benny is a con artist. Benny has black hair. Therefore, all people with black hair are con artists.
  • Simon, Karl, Jared, and Brett are all friends of Josh, and they are all petty criminals. Jill is a friend of Josh; therefore, Jill is a petty criminal.

Guilt by Association as an Ad Hominem Fallacy

Guilt by association can sometimes also be a type of ad hominem (“to the man”) fallacy.

In this twist of the Guilt by Association fallacy, the argument attacks a person because a specific or singular ideological similarity exists between the person making the argument and another unrelated (and hated) group.

This form of the argument is as follows:

  • Source S makes claim C.
  • Group G (which is currently viewed negatively by the recipient of source S’s claim) also makes claim C.
  • Therefore, source S is viewed as associated with – or similar to – group G, and source S inherits recipient R’s negative perception of group G.

guilt by association ad hominem fallacy illustration

“My opponent for office just received an endorsement from the Puppy Haters Association. Is that the sort of person you would want to vote for?”

In this case, the common interest (similarity) between the Puppy Haters and opponent O is that they both want O to get elected.

Guilt of puppy hating is being assigned to O because O and P.H. have similar political interests. (They may very well have different views on animal cruelty and treatment of puppies.)

Another example of this is when those opposed to “safe spaces” on college campuses – or opposed to the use of recently developed gender-neutral pronouns – are lumped together with white supremacists or the ill-defined alt-right.

While many white supremacists or “alt-righters” may hold similar stances on these issues, this does not mean that everyone who is similarly opposed to “safe spaces” or use of gender-neutral pronouns can be easily classified as a “white supremacist” or a “member of the alt-right”.

The entities in question might share opinions on some issues, but this does not mean that they agree on all issues (e.g. white supremacy, anti-Semitism, misogyny, etc.).

Guilt by Association as an Ad Hominem fallacy is a favorite among proponents of identity politics.

Honor by Association

The logical inverse of “guilt by association” is honor by association, where one claims that someone or something must be reputable, trustworthy, or reliable because of the people or organizations which are related to it or otherwise support it.

Many businesses heavily use the principle of honor by association in their advertisements and marketing. For example, an attractive spokesperson will say that a specific product is good. The attractiveness of the spokesperson gives the product good associations.

Some information and examples taken/adapted from Wikipedia.

Please see disclaimer.

What’s Your Personality Type?

For years, I’ve been fascinated with the study of MBTI personality types.

While I’m not a big fan of assigning labels to people – as individuals are so much more complex and diverse than 16 groupings can possibly represent – I have found the knowledge of a person’s personality test results to be invaluable in helping me understanding how to connect with them, and gaining insight into why they do what they do. The Myers-Briggs system has aided me in cultivating more compassion and acceptance for people with personalities very different from my own.

Depending on the website you read or the online test you take, you may get various generalized labels associated with your letter combination (on one site, ISFP = “Artist”, whereas on another site, ISFP = “Adventurer”).

Free (unofficial) Personality Tests:


What’d you get?

Read a brief description here about your personality type result(s).


Photo by Derek Huang on Unsplash


Below are some single-word descriptions of each type from and


INTJ => “Architect” / “Strategist”

INTP => “Logician” / “Engineer”

ENTJ => “Commander” / “Chief”

ENTP => “Debater” / “Originator”

INFJ => “Advocate” / “Confidant”

INFP => “Mediator” / “Dreamer”

ENFJ => “Protagonist” / “Mentor”

ENFP => “Campaigner” / “Advocate”

ISTJ => “Logistician” / “Examiner”

ISFJ => “Defender” / “Defender”

ESTJ => “Executive” / “Overseer”

ESFJ => “Consul” / “Supporter”

ISTP => “Virtuoso” / “Craftsman”

ISFP => “Adventurer” / “Artist”

ESTP => “Entrepreneur” / “Persuader”

ESFP => “Entertainer” / “Entertainer”


Photo by Hannah Busing on Unsplash

If you don’t like the one-word description(s) you got, don’t take them too seriously. There is so much more to you than even volumes written on your type could cover. These labels don’t really mean much, unless you find them to be accurate to you and encouraging. 🙂 No two people within any of these categories are the same, or capable of being depicted by single words.

Feel free to share what type(s) you got in the comments below!


Photo by Daniel Apodaca on Unsplash

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© 2017 Kate Richardson All Rights Reserved





Where Shadows Sleep


I am a pile of carbon, buried deep
In the hidden vaults of earth, 
Where shadows sleep.

The magma burns me - 
Peeling at my skin, my face.
And when its work is done, 
There shall not be a trace
Of the piece I was before.

Isolated, nameless,
In this massive pile of stone,
I'm entrapped without contact
Deep in the earth - alone.
As my soul is pressed
And melted to the bone.

Surely to this fire and stress
There must be some reward.
For all these seeming setbacks,
Something that I'm moving toward.

In time - refined and polished -
As a diamond I'll emerge.
With identity and meaning
Forged through torment I endured.

I am a pile of carbon, buried deep
In the hidden vaults of earth, 
Where shadows sleep. 

© 2017 Kate Richardson All Rights Reserved

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