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I need some electricity in my veins.
I can feel my energy beginning to wane.
What will make me alive again?
Be the antidote for my weakening brain?

My heart needs electricity to run.
Electrolytes are the bullets,
Adrenals are the gun.

I'll order some sodium with that, please
And add on top some musical frequencies.
Prayer and earthing are fantastic remedies
Remove the EMFs to put my heart at ease.

Only God can make me well
So I'll search for heavenly portals
Things that grace this earth of mortals
With the healing spring from the heavenly well.

My truest healing is not of body
But of soul
Only within can I completely
Be made whole.

© 2018 Kate Richardson All Rights Reserved



orange flower - cancer cure - hemp - natural remedies

Hemp and Cancer


<3 Kate

Please see Disclaimer.

health - natural remedies - nutrition - healing - my journey to recovery

My Journey to Recovery: A Few Updates AND Taking a Break

Some changes I’ve made lately:

Reintroduced zinc, in the form of zinc picolinate (see resources page for the specific brand I’m using). Quickly noticed significant increase in energy levels and sleep quality, although beginning my intense candida treatment seemed to put an end to that. 😀 I am now doing another round of homeopathic candida treatment. Hopefully the discomfort and weird symptoms are temporary, and a sign that a Herx or die-off reaction is happening (which can actually cause a temporary increase in symptoms associated with the infection).

Been reducing consumption of cherries. This has helped with energy levels (although again, the candida treatment – or something – seems to have since stolen that energy. 😛 ) I generally only eat cherries now if I’m in pain (see natural pain relievers), and/or if I particularly want to ensure that I sleep well. I pulled back on cherries to reduce sugar consumption – to help fight candida and also give my liver a break.

Tried reintroducing coconut oil.

Below is my recent health journal (Admittedly, this is not as scientific as it could be, as several variables are changing – sometimes at the same time or in rapid succession. However, when you’re desperate for nutrition, you might be more compelled to cut some corners, in terms of experimental/scientific purity. I really hate doing that, but have been a little desperate lately to try to discover more options. 🙂 As you can probably see, I’ve been a little lax and/or sloppy in recording things sometimes – I just copied/pasted this from my health journal, and have since edited it minimally. Also please note, I may have experienced other symptoms but not recorded them here if they were typical/routine symptoms for me):

04/22/2018 Coconut oil No new/exacerbated symptoms noticed
04/23/2018 Coconut oil Temporary slight pain in arch above right eye, near nose, lasting approx. one min.

Some stuffiness, but seems to be a continuation of previous allergies. Some throat congestion/dryness.

Foggy brain feeling builds.

Feeling clammy/cold/lethargic.

Experiencing brain fog.

As day progresses, continuing to feel worse. Head feeling “clogged up”, eyes heavy. Mild GI discomfort.

04/24/2018 Coconut oil Some continuation of weird head feeling (I think). Some dizziness.
04/25/2018 Coconut oil Diarrhea in morning (note: also morning after taking 9th vial of candida treatment). Mild GI discomfort. Itchy skin.
04/26/2018 Macadamia oil (took break from coconut oil) Tight head, ovary pain (at an abnormal time), neck pain and/or stiffness.
04/27/2018 Coconut oil Tight head, GI discomfort
04/28/2018 Coconut oil / macadamia oil Tight head, improved later


04/30/2018 Macadamia oil Seems to be okay
04/30/2018 Coconut oil Will require further testing at later date (perhaps after second round of candida treatment)
04/30/2018 Hemp seed Possibly some head tightness from eating too much? Few to no symptoms I think.
05/03/2018 Celery Some head tightness. Otherwise, few/no unusual symptoms so far.

As shown, I’ve also tried macadamia oil recently. It seems to be mostly or completely okay. So yay!!! Hopefully there won’t be any surprises or betrayals down the road. 😀 Sometimes, I am able to tolerate the fats/oils of a food that I can’t eat. (For example, I can do olive oil but not olives, and ghee but not milk or butter).

I’ve consumed hemp stuff fairly successfully in the past, as long as I haven’t eaten too much. So that was less of a surprise or even a true food reintroduction I guess.

I had tried celery perhaps a month or so ago, and was experiencing some GI symptom(s), but was unsure what was causing them (as the candida treatment could also have been implicated).

So I tried celery again yesterday. So far, I think it has caused, at most, one or possibly no symptoms. (As the head tightness seems to have shown up pretty frequently within the past several days, it’s unlikely that the celery is what’s causing it now. Might be the weather. And/or dehydration (…oops)).


I wanted to give you guys a heads-up that one of my next experiments will be to limit my electronics exposure for a while (possibly a week or two?) – specifically, exposure to my computer and phone.

While the results and analysis of this experiment certainly will not be entirely scientific or objective, they should give me at least a rough idea of just how much my interaction with these devices is impairing/affecting my health.

If I end up feeling significantly better while away from these devices, I might decide to rearrange my schedule so that I’m spending less time on the computer and phone each day, but allotting a certain (smaller) amount of time for computer work.

If limited electronics exposure actually correlates with improved cognitive function, then who knows? I might, in fact, become a better (more creative, articulate) blogger by actually spending less, not more time at the computer!

My goal is to record the approximate amount of time spent on electronics each day, and symptoms or improvements that I notice. I’ll probably have to be on the phone and/or computer to some degree most days, but I am planning to mostly take a break from blogging for a little while.

I’ve scheduled a few posts, but other than that, will probably be taking this time to accomplish stuff around the house, maybe exercise a little and (hopefully) regain some energy and balance, and give my violin, guitar, and piano some love. <3

And hopefully catch up on reading.

Which…will mean mostly reading real books.

Exposure to “real” books does sometimes make me sick, but I’m beginning to wonder if tangible books are actually as hazardous to my health as radio frequencies from reading Kindle books on my phone.

Similarly, I might try spending more time outdoors some days – reconnecting with the frequencies of the earth (or “earthing“), despite the fact that I am quite allergic to the outdoors. I’m also beginning to wonder if the improvements from a change in biological frequencies might outweigh the negative side effects of outdoor exposure. We shall see. 😀

But yeah, I’ve scheduled some posts – on this blog and my other blog. Kinda like pre-made frozen meals, I guess. 😀 Hopefully they are tasty. 😉

<3 Kate

© 2018 Kate Richardson All Rights Reserved

My Journey to Recovery

cancer cells - treating, curing, fighting cancer

Cancer Video

Interesting short video clip of an interview with Dr. Leonard Coldwell, on curing cancer.

<3 Kate

Please see Disclaimer.

stream - poem about leaves on a stream - cognitive defusion exercise - thoughts, negativity, identity, observation


I hate these thoughts I'm having
They're just not me.
Gonna place them on some leaves
And let them flow down the stream.

I'm not the author of all of my thoughts
I'm more like an observer as they float by me.
I'm not responsible for everything that pops
Into my head, only if those things become my identity.

I'm not these thoughts
And they're not me.
I'm just watching patiently
As they travel down the stream
Inside my mind - that ever moving current
That brings me joy and pain.

Inspired by a meditation technique shared with me by a friend:

“Leaves on a Stream” – Cognitive Defusion Exercise

© 2018 Kate Richardson All Rights Reserved

happy person standing on water in colorful sunset

Happiness is Not Wrong

For anyone who felt sh****d on by my previous post. 😛

Some lively discussion and questions sprang from my recent post, Always Acting. And it led me to want to expound and explore a few things:

It’s okay to be happy.

In case it sounded as though I’m against happiness, let me clarify.

I am not against happiness. If you are genuinely happy, radiate that sunshine! 🙂 Why would you hide it? Generally speaking, pretending not to be happy when you are would be, well, just weird.

Happiness can be contagious (as can joy). If you’ve got it, share it! By all means.

What I was examining in my post was the tendency in some (probably many or most) of us to feign happiness or pretend all is well when we’re just not feeling it, because we feel socially obligated to do so, or we’re afraid of the social and emotional consequences of not seeming happy.

Joy and happiness are two different things. Whether it’s possible to be happy in the midst of great suffering is debatable, but joy can be a cherished companion in hardship, and it has been for me. And sometimes, this joy can cause me to laugh or smile even in pain. Expressing our joy in the middle of adversity is not “being fake”.

Happiness and joy are not wrong. They only become unhealthy when you feel you must project the appearance of these things when you don’t actually feel or have them.

I have some truly amazing friends.

For my friends who may have read my previous post:

Much of my laughter and many smiles throughout my life have been sincere. I haven’t always been faking it. I have shared and enjoyed – and I remember – many sweet and beautiful moments with family and friends. And recalling such moments has helped me through some very dark times. I have these memories all because of the rock stars who have chosen to be a part of my life and to share with me the priceless gift of their time.

To my friends with whom I’ve spent considerable time over the last several years of my life: I love you, and you are more precious and dear to me than you’ll ever know. Thank you for being there for me in the sun and the rain. I hope you didn’t feel bashed, beaten down, or unappreciated by any part of my previous post or the comments (in which I delved deeper into my life and experiences).

There aren’t adequate words to express how grateful I am to have you in my life, or just how much I appreciate the individual and amazing people that you are.

There are times (e.g. when you’re first getting to know someone) in which it may be advisable not to go “too deep too quickly”.

On this point, I guess I’m a little weird in that I wouldn’t mind someone sharing their deepest fears, personal struggles, or suicidal thoughts with me at our first meeting. Let’s stop beating around the bush already, man! We’ve been talking for two minutes! But I understand that this doesn’t work for everyone.

At the same time, if you are struggling with suicidal thoughts, your needs and concerns shouldn’t wait or be brushed under the rug.

Don’t wait to get closer to an acquaintance/friend. If you are entertaining suicidal thoughts even a little, call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline now at 1-800-273-TALK (8255) to talk to someone who understands. <3

I don’t begrudge anyone else their positivity! 🙂

Even when I’m struggling with depression, I want to see my friends be happy. In fact, that’s one reason I’ve often acted so much. I don’t want to bring others down. Depressed people often make an extra effort to make the people around them feel valued and loved, and to make sure they enjoy life, because they know what it’s like to feel alone and sad.

And one point I wanted to add, inspired from the previous discussion:

Drugs and therapy can’t replace our need for real relationships and friendships.

You can faithfully take “medicine” or supplements, and receive therapy. And these things may help. But without fellowship – and the opportunity to love and be loved by others – you’ll never completely heal.

We’re wired to connect with people. To be plugged in. To know and be known.

To love another is medicine.

To be loved by another is medicine.

Laughter is medicine.

Physical touch (hugs, holding hands, a pat on the back) is medicine.

This is not to say that treatment cannot be helpful. I take vitamin B6 and zinc for my pyroluria (which can play a role in depression), and have seen my emotional and mental state improve significantly with this treatment. However, if I am separated from my close friends for very long, my health (both mental and physical) starts to decline.

This is why it’s so important for us to reach out to others who may be hurting, and to be honest about our own pain, whether that pain is physical or mental, short-lived or chronic. A doctor may be able to guide us through a rocky season, but clinical treatment can never replace our need for the therapy of friendship and love.

If there’s no one else in your life with whom you feel you can connect, chat with me at

Hope this clarified a few things and added some more depth to the previous conversation. 🙂

<3 Kate


The Problem with Tough Love in Eating Disorder Recovery

Inspiring post on anorexia by BeautyBeyondBones. If you replace “anorexia” with “depression”, I also find these words to fit beautifully within that context.

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