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Goodbye, 2017

Kate/ January 1, 2018

You will be remembered fondly, but not missed.

INTP Relationships

Kate/ December 22, 2017

From a female INTP’s perspective.

Thanksgiving Thoughts

Kate/ November 21, 2017

Hey there, my reader! <3 I’m back! Finally. 😛 Between health crap, car issues, and other commitments this past week, I’ve found myself running short on time and energy. Also was dealing with some WiFi connectivity problems over the weekend.

Happiness is Not Wrong

Kate/ November 11, 2017

For anyone who felt sh****d on by my previous post. 😛

Always Acting

Kate/ November 10, 2017

It’s time for us to be real.

The Struggles of an INTP Girl

Kate/ October 26, 2017

Years ago, I got the Myers-Briggs result “INFJ” on a free personality test. I have retaken such tests throughout the years – through various sites – and have watched myself gradually “change” from INFJ to INFP to INTP. This transition parallels my

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