Read This First

I want you to know that you are not alone.

In your struggles with anxiety, depression, or chronic illness. In your quirks, eccentricity, weirdness, and questions. That there is someone as weird as – or weirder than – you. 😉

I want you to know that it’s okay to feel like you suck at life. Can’t get your act together. Like you’re a “failure”.

But it’s not okay to accept these descriptions of yourself as immutable facts, or allow them to define you. ❤

For most of my life, I’ve dealt with some combination of health issues, depression, anxiety, social awkwardness, and loneliness. I’ve often felt like a misfit, and wondered why life seems to “work out better” for others.

As a child, I struggled with school and got manipulated by other kids (some of the few childhood friends I had). I was often labeled as “shy”. I lived in my own quiet world. Observing, but not always the things that most children seem to observe. To the physical world, I was sometimes almost blind.

Especially in later years, as I saw little improvement with my social awkwardness and witnessed in dismay the gradual but unrelenting aggravation of my acne and other skin issues, I wondered if I had missed a cue somewhere. A memo of which everyone else was aware, or had somehow managed to pick up. Perhaps I was just too dumb to understand the “secret” – whatever that was. The secret to being an interesting, inspiring, influential, and ever-energetic person with clean skin and a bubbling personality.

I want to share with you my continuous struggle in getting “back on the horse”, and losing my desire to please, appease, or impress others. I want to let you in on my journey to embracing my own “weirdness”. Because you know what? You might not be that different from me. 🙂 Maybe you will find comfort in hearing my story. Maybe it will strike a chord in your own soul.

I’m sharing with you a lot of the pain I’ve encountered and mistakes I’ve made (and make). I want to tell you (as if you didn’t already know) that the journey is not always easy, but victory (inner strength, joy, fulfillment, and sometimes even recovery) is possible. ❤

I have lots of questions. I certainly don’t have all the answers.

But I invite you to walk the road with me as I endeavor to wrestle through writing, crunch crazy conundrums, and hunt for hope.

Will you join me?