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Smart Phones – The Profound Medical and Psychological Effects

From a declassified military document.

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Explaining Away an Uncomfortable Truth

So...warning. I'm kinda ranting here. ūüôā A family member of mine recently got diagnosed with Lyme. Since then, while sharing this recent discovery with her friends/family, many have asked her, "Do you think that's really what it is? Are you sure Lyme is really what you have?" To which my family member's inward response has …

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Why Jesus Hates Religion: Part 10 – Futility and Death

The Bleeding Blogger

Things Destined to Perish

Therefore no one is to¬†act as your judge in regard to¬†food or¬†drink or in respect to a¬†festival or a¬†new moon or a¬†Sabbath¬†day‚ÄĒ¬†things which are¬†a¬†mere¬†shadow of what is to come; but the¬†substance¬†belongs to Christ.¬†Let no one keep¬†defrauding you of your prize by¬†delighting in¬†self-abasement and the worship of the angels,¬†taking his stand on¬†visions¬†he has seen,¬†inflated without cause by his¬†fleshly mind,¬†and not holding fast to¬†the head, from whom¬†the entire body, being supplied and held together by the joints and¬†ligaments, grows with a growth¬†which is from God.

If you have died with Christ¬†to the¬†elementary principles of the world,¬†why, as if you were living in the world, do you submit yourself to¬†decrees, such as,¬†‚ÄúDo not handle, do not taste, do not touch!‚Ä̬†(which all¬†refer¬†to¬†things destined to perish¬†with use)‚ÄĒin accordance with the¬†commandments and teachings of men?

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Why Jesus Hates Religion: Part 5 – Religion Doesn’t Really Need God

The Bleeding Blogger

The Heart of Worship

Christ can work wherever he chooses. In any denomination, any church style.

The style is not what matters.

It’s whether the style has become the idol or focal point of that church.

The ‚Äúright‚ÄĚ way to do things.

It‚Äôs the question of who ‚Äď or what ‚Äď is at the center of that church. God, or men? The Spirit, or flesh? Entertainment, or worship?

A church building may be aesthetically appealing ‚Äď or its music sweet to the ear ‚Äď and this does not necessarily mean that the focal point of the church is entertainment.

It takes vision and discernment of the Spirit to know who is at the center of the church, regardless of the material surroundings and aesthetics, or lack thereof.

The question is, are the worshipers within¬†still able to meet God in a different ‚Äď perhaps less comfortable or familiar ‚Äď church setting?¬†

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Niceness or politeness vs. kindness - you can't be both nice and kind - which one are you? Picture of cozily-dressed nice or kind woman smiling

Nice vs. Kind

Are you nice or are you kind? You can't be both!

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Single on Valentine’s Day?

You're not alone in that. ‚̧ ūüėČ Me too.

more than meets the eye - lens, filter, distortion, objectivity, bias, clarity, perception

More Than Meets the Eye

Peeling back the layers.

signs an INTP likes you and might be interested in you - bear holding heart

Signs an INTP Might Like, Like You

Is your crush an INTP? Wondering if the interest might be mutual?

INTP cognitive function stack in real life

INTP Functions

A window into one INTP's life "adventures".

Approaching the end of a hallway - resembling end of old year - and nearing a corner - resembling the transition to a New Year

Goodbye, 2017

You will be remembered fondly, but not missed.