Hi there!! 🙂 I’m Kate, the blogger here at Reflection Cube, and also at The Bleeding Blogger – where I write about my faith – and another pseudonymous blog. 🙂 I live in Colorado (sort of near Colorado Springs). Outside of blogging, I enjoy playing the piano, reading, journaling, learning Python, experimenting in the kitchen, and giving/receiving massages. I am a health fanatic, yoga and essential oil addict, and psychology junkie.

To get in touch with me, hop over to my contact page and say hello! Or email me at reflectioncube@gmail.com.

The name “Reflection Cube” has multiple meanings:

  • A cube in which one may reflect in peace and quiet, separated from the noise of the loudest and most popular voices.
  • Three-dimensional reflections. A multi-angled way of looking at things.

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