On Self-Deprecation

Appearance is nothing. Yet many of us have grown up in a culture which subconsciously believes and teaches that appearance is everything.

Some of the most arrogant people have mastered the appearance of humility. They know how to be self-deprecating and falsely modest.

Conversely, some of the most confident people I know actually have a healthy, realistic view of themselves and also readily admit that they have flaws. Unlike the falsely modest person, they just don’t believe those flaws are things they have to conceal.

The inflated balloon has air to protect. So sometimes it hides under the guise of humility so it won’t be poked.

The deflated balloon has nothing to lose, and doesn’t mind if you see its wrinkles.

We cannot judge someone’s humility or pride by the behaviors – self-deprecation or confidence – that they have mastered.

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