A proposition is claimed to be true or good solely because a majority or many people believe it to be so.


#1: Nine out of ten of my constituents oppose the bill, therefore it is a bad idea.

#2: Nine out of ten of my fellow congressmen favor the bill, therefore it is a good idea.

bandwagon argument illustration

#3: Brand X vacuum cleaners are the leading brand in America. You should buy Brand X vacuum cleaners.

#4: Watch Show X – the #1 watched show on television!

#5: Fifty million Elvis fans can’t be wrong.

#6: All of my friends are doing it.

#7: In a court of law, the jury vote by majority, therefore they will always make the correct decision.

#8: Everyone jaywalks here and as long as I look carefully, nothing will happen.

#9: Many people use agave nectar and believe it’s healthy, so it must be.

#10: Most dermatologists approve of and prescribe Accutane, so it must be safe.

#11: Many scientists say there isn’t a god of the universe, so there cannot be one.



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