EMF Exposure Experiment

Exposure = Physical contact or interaction with device (interaction involving contact, so not watching computer or TV from a distance).

As you can see, I had some trouble on the bookends of this experiment with limiting my exposure. :/ Even then, however, my interaction with electronics was generally significantly less than what would be typical for me – even on the worst days of 6-7 hrs.! :O

In the Activities column, most or all of my “writing” occurred on paper rather than on the computer.

I think most of the symptoms/improvements were recorded in the order in which they showed up within a day. 🙂 Yeah…wasn’t quite as scientific as I wanted to be here. Also wish I’d defined “deep sleep” a little more. 😀 May not have recorded the hours totally accurately either, but they should be in roughly the correct ballpark – and the proportions of exposure between days should still be roughly correct.

Anyway, here’s the data. 🙂

Day Approx. hrs. Exposure Symptoms/ Improvements Other Activities/Changes (Some activities left out or not recorded).
Day #1 6-6.5 Scrambled, tight feeling in head. More energy, less dizziness, clearer head – less scrambled/tight. More tightness later. Slept deeply I think, but sleep was disturbed. Journaling, Writing, Watching YouTube videos on phone. Dishes. Piano. Watched video on Lyme disease (mostly at distance from computer). 
Day #2 5.5-6 hrs. Tight head later. Church, Dishes, Piano, Safeway, Weird car smell exposure.
Day #3 Approx. 3.5 hrs. Kidney pain (discovered this was likely from too much celery/blueberries and possibly blackberries – all high or moderately high in oxalates). Less head discomfort. Slept deeply. Earthing.
Day #4 1.5 hrs. A little more energy, some faintness, kidney pain gone. Some fatigue. Slept deeply. Dishes, Exercise, Earthing, Writing, Violin, Recording Music (didn’t interact with computer to record, brother did).
Day #5 1.5-2 hrs. Felt rested when getting out of bed. More energy, some faintness. Slept deeply. Writing, Dishes, Cooking/Baking, Earthing, Singing.
Day #6 2-2.5 hrs Some faintness, more energy. More balance later. Some tightness in neck/head. Exercise, Earthing, Writing, Dishes.
Day #7 Lost track of exposure. Probably 2.5-4 hrs.? (That might be low) Terrible migraine later. Social event/ceremony, exposure to fragrances, too much walking, loud noises, car fluid exposure (made migraine worse I think).
Day #8 6.5-7 (computer and phone) Migraine disappearing (eventually went away), some gut tenderness. More energy. Itching.  Earthing. Baking.

I do think that limiting EMFs in my environment made some difference in my overall wellbeing (energy, balance, sleep quality, perhaps aches and pains).

Earthing for even a very short time (perhaps a minute or less per day) also seemed to improve my overall “feeling of wellness” (definitely helped with mood, although I didn’t really think to record emotional changes/differences).

Although this experiment wasn’t conducted as neatly as I would have wished, the improvements I experienced while reducing environmental EMFs were significant enough – and the health ramifications of EMF exposure are also significant enough – that I hope, in the future, to find ways to reduce my interaction with electronic devices.

As a blogger, that is quite the challenge, but writing my thoughts on paper has saved me some time in idly thinking of what to write with a computer in my lap.

Have you taken measures to reduce EMFs in your environment? How? What are some tips you’ve picked up?

Have you noticed any improvements since making that change?

Please see Disclaimer.

2 thoughts on “EMF Exposure Experiment

  1. A Chicken

    What a courageous experiment in the modern age and as a blogger, no less! Thank you Kate. Looking forward to seeing more updates on this 🙂

    Traveling around with my phone in a Faraday cage does sound intriguing! Although potentially cumbersome at airports 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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