I hate these thoughts I'm having
They're just not me.
Gonna place them on some leaves
And let them flow down the stream.

I'm not the author of all of my thoughts
I'm more like an observer as they float by me.
I'm not responsible for everything that pops
Into my head, only if those things become my identity.

I'm not these thoughts
And they're not me.
I'm just watching patiently
As they travel down the stream
Inside my mind - that ever moving current
That brings me joy and pain.

Inspired by a meditation technique shared with me by a friend:

“Leaves on a Stream” – Cognitive Defusion Exercise

© 2018 Kate Richardson All Rights Reserved

2 thoughts on “Stream

  1. A Chicken

    Ultra pure water is harmful to us, absorbing vital minerals from our bodies through simple diffusion along a concentration gradient. We would not be able to survive on it.

    What a statement from the universe – that the element of life, in its pure form, would kill us precisely by nature of its purity.

    We were meant for muddy streams and dusty raindrops ❤

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    1. ❤ Beautiful, A Chicken. As they say, "A little dirt is good for you". 😀 Whether or not that's literally true, it does seem to be somewhat the case in the figurative sense. Without minor keys and chords, the major ones would be less meaningful. Without a dark canvas, light or bright colors are less strikingly contrasted. Without darkness, the comforting glimmer of a candle cannot be sufficiently appreciated. And without nutritious, healthy dirt – an assortment of minerals – in our tangible and cerebral gardens, we'd be missing out on valuable nutrients which would enable us to produce beautiful flowers and fruitful thoughts. Thanks for reading, and for tying the concepts here together with those in my "Raindrops" poem. 🙂


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