I wish my back would learn
That it's okay not to hurt.
It feels as though a little child
Stuffed my muscles tight with dirt.

I wish my legs would understand
It's a fine thing not to wobble.
My productivity and time
Vanish quickly as I hobble.

It's difficult to be a mind
Whose subjects miss the memo.
It's a journey, learning to resign
And live inside my soul.

Yet in these prison bars that bind - 
In my soul - at last I find
I've never felt more whole.

© 2018 Kate Richardson All Rights Reserved

3 thoughts on “Memo

    1. What an insightful observation, A Chicken! Just as the body may cause frustration for the mind, the mind’s thoughts often seem to have ramifications in the body. No doubt, our bodies sometimes “wish” our minds could chill and relax a little more, as the mind and body are so deeply interwoven, and what hurts one often hurts the other. Thanks for reading. ❤


      1. A Chicken

        Indeed, the body and mind may very well be warring with each other at times! The body may be a rebel possibly by nature, or by reaction.

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