What Are You Most Afraid of Losing?

One of the things I would most “fear” losing is my ability to reason, learn, remember, process information, articulate my thoughts, and comprehend the world around me. Essentially, my mind and sanity.

In my mind, the magnitude of this loss would far outweigh that of losing my limbs or hearing or eyesight – which is saying a lot!

If I were to lose my mind, how would I communicate meaningfully with my family and friends?

How would I know what is real or isn’t?

How would I appreciate the beauty around me?

I suppose the one advantage to losing my mind is that I probably wouldn’t realize what was happening, so I wouldn’t really be present to experience the misery. 😛

What is the one thing you most don’t want to lose?

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2 thoughts on “What Are You Most Afraid of Losing?

  1. A Chicken

    Wow, I can’t agree more Kate. I’ve often thought about what the most essential part of my existence is – take away food, water, shelter, human contact, and my mind still remains. Losing my lucidity through Alzheimer’s one day is such a terrifying thought. If/when that happens, I can only hope to be prepared for that journey.

    As I imagine you might feel, it’s not about losing my smarts, abilities, or anything like that. Perception, thought, communication, and choice are all we have to hang on to.

    From what I understand, dementia normally progresses gradually, so the horrible reality might be having periods and moments of awareness that decrease in frequency. What anguish, to slowly cede ground without power to stop it.

    The loss of your mind one day will truly be a great blow to the world, Kate, so I am deeply grateful for every bit you’re able to give to and share with us here.

    If purpose behind anguish and suffering may be found, senescence might just be yet another great challenge to be tackled with gusto.

    I enjoy the font chosen for this piece. In my eyes, you really manifest the best in INTP earnesty and genuineness of expression. Its beauty can’t be captured verbally.

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