Blogging Obstacles and Challenges

In the middle of the hardest month of the year for me (physiologically, neurologically, emotionally), continually creating fresh, thoughtful, and substantial content can be particularly challenging – especially if my emotions are going berserk.

I don’t want to write something I’ll later regret – in the heat of emotions and long nights of insomnia and tears.

Depression also often impairs cognitive function/efficiency for me. Excellence in my writing is incredibly important to me, and I don’t want to produce content that you, my lovely readers, might find boring or useless. Granted, someone is likely to find any or all of my content to be these very things, despite my most diligent and sincere efforts. Others’ perceptions of my content lie outside my domain of influence. All I can do is give it my best. But if my brain is not at its best, then I also feel the need to be extra cautious and patient with myself (and so likely less prolific) with my writing.

And yet…I don’t want you guys to think I’ve abandoned you! 😮 😦 Especially in a season which can be challenging for many of you as well. Struggles with depression – though often year-round, or capable of showing up at any time – seem to flare up for many of us around February.

So I’m just stopping by to say that I love you guys. I’m grateful for every single one of you – that you exist and that we have crossed paths. ❤ Sending some cyber hugs your way. ❤️💖❤️💖❤️

I still plan to try to keep up with writing this month, but the frequency and consistency of posts may seem particularly erratic.

I’m keeping this piece short and sweet – especially as I’m currently operating on approximately four or five hours of sleep.*

If you are struggling this time of year – mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually – know that you are not alone. Your experiences and pain might be very different from mine, but we are in this boat together. And the doors of this online house are open. You know where I live. 😉

* I have found that certain supplements (B6 and magnesium) improve the quality and depth (though perhaps less reliably the duration) of my sleep. B6 has also helped me significantly with my depression, and I’d likely be in much worse shape right now without it. For more info on the forms/brands of B6 and magnesium that I use, check out my Resources page.

Please see Disclaimer.

© 2018 Kate Richardson All Rights Reserved

3 thoughts on “Blogging Obstacles and Challenges

  1. A Chicken

    Kate, deep thanks for such a brave and conscientious post. I hope you can remember to be kind to yourself, if only just a little! The love and care you share here radiate so vibrantly. As always, what a significant photo choice!

    -A fellow February sufferer

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