Hello, 2018!

I am so excited about this year!!

Mostly, because a new year is symbolic to me of new beginnings. And 2017 wasn’t exactly the easiest year ever.

But with the end of the year came some breakthroughs in the health arena, and I’m so excited to see what 2018 will hold!

So many things I want to learn and do.

My crazy, unrealistic, and incomplete list of things I’m hoping to accomplish in 2018:

  • Continue improving my health and regaining physical strength.
  • Gradually engage in more physical activity (gotta be careful with this because I’m prone to dizziness, and easily get exhausted [due, at least in part, to adrenal fatigue.])
  • Continue developing my business.
  • Pick up some music gigs.
  • Gain more mental strength and resilience.
  • Become less afraid to be me.
  • Become a better friend.
  • Ask more questions, and diligently seek the answers.
  • Learn more about consciousness, ego, and our connection to (and essence of) energy, frequencies, and light (because even matter is comprised of energy). 🙂
  • Learn more about life, the universe, and everything. 😉
  • Pick up my sad, crying violin. 🎻 😢
  • Pick up my weeping guitar. 🎸 😢
  • Spend more time on the piano. 🎹 (It’s not quite weeping…yet. But it’s pretty miffed.)
  • Read more books!!!! (On Kindle.) 📚
  • Compose/record my own music and share it on YouTube or some place.

Some other things I want to do – which I would love to see happen this year, but may have to postpone:

  • Learn to dance (ballroom, swing, etc.). (Like, I sort of know a few basics, but my steps are incredibly awkward.)
  • Start learning Russian and relearn + learn more Spanish.
  • Start a web development & design sole proprietorship.
  • Study calculus (only ever got through precalc/trig).
  • Participate in a professional massage licensing program (maybe for medical massage).

Perhaps I’m getting a bit ridiculous here. 😛 We’ll see how much of this actually happens…. 😀

Of course, most or all of it will probably not happen if I have the mentality of “we’ll see”. 😀 I have to be intentional and proactive.

Yet part of being proactive about our goals is also intentionally seeking out time to rest and recuperate, to strengthen ourselves so that we can be whole. Sharpening the saw so that we can more effectively and efficiently accomplish our goals.

In earlier years – before I became completely burned out and was required to relax in order to recover – I had a habit of forgetting this, and “overbooking” myself. I took on way too many responsibilities, and for a time, allowed almost no room in my life for relationships or rest (beyond sleep).

The net effect was that I became mediocre at several things and good or knowledgeable at almost nothing.

I learned that if I really want to accomplish anything, it is crucial to pace myself.

Some ideas for relaxation:

  • Earthing
  • Time alone or with friends (whichever recharges you more. Perhaps both do. 🙂 )
  • Journaling
  • Meditation
  • Massage
  • Engaging in a hobby you enjoy (preferably a non-electronic one, to temporarily diminish your body’s exposure to EM radiation).
  • Bathing (in a clean, disinfected tub) in magnesium chloride salts. (Note: I’m not sure if the site I linked to offers the best deal, but that brand is the one I use.) I wouldn’t generally recommend Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate). They may work for some, but can be harmful or irritating for others (including myself). Magnesium sulfate causes insomnia for me.

This list is sorely incomplete. What would you add? What activities do you find restoring and renewing?

What are your hopes and/or goals for 2018?

The life of every man is a diary in which he means to write one story, and writes another; and his humblest hour is when he compares the volume as it is with what he vowed to make it. – James M. Barrie

© 2018 Kate Richardson All Rights Reserved

4 thoughts on “Hello, 2018!

  1. A Chicken

    I will surely be watching closely for any wisdom from you should you master the lifestyle implementation of active rest. I have only ever been able to find achievement through the fulfillment of obsessive, unhealthy levels of motivation and will seek balance in 2018!

    Thumbs up for showing the instruments some love!

    Also just noticed how the tiny snowflakes follow the mouse – how beautiful!

    Liked by 1 person

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