Goodbye, 2017

For me and my family, 2017 came with a fair amount of hardship.

In 2017:

– Half of the constructed but unanchored frame of the facility for my family’s (not yet launched) business got destroyed by strong winds in January. (Thankfully, insurance covered the loss, and no people or products were in the building when it collapsed. Additionally, this experience was instructive regarding necessary improvements for future construction plans. Perhaps this loss actually prevented us from a bigger loss in the future, when the business is in the production phase.)

– My family of six went from being a 1.5-income family to a (practically) zero-income family.

– I gradually became so sick that I could barely move or even think.

– A couple other family members also struggled with physical issues.

– The aforementioned family members and I all struggled with anxiety and/or depression.

But if I had to do it over, I’m not sure I would change anything about 2017.

Some good that came out of the hardship:

– I finally had the chance to begin to heal my mind from years (probably a lifetime) of anxious, limbic responses to stress and perceived threats. This isn’t to say that I’ve “arrived” by any means. The battle against anxiety is still very real. But I am learning new tactics. I was finally able to find some peace and mental strength, perhaps in part because I had to practice finding beauty and meaning in seemingly dark, ugly places of meaninglessness and uselessness. But addressing nutritional deficiencies also helped me with my anxiety and depression a lot. Again, the war has not been won (sometimes depression and anxiety are lifelong struggles) but I’ve gained new weapons – or perhaps learned how to more effectively use the ones I previously had.

– I learned a ton about genetics and different biochemical pathways in the body, and finally learned why I had been sick – to varying degrees – for most of my life.

– I started two blogs (…technically more. I’m now doing some writing in other corners of the web, but that’s mostly secret or pseudonymous. 😉 )

– I had a lot of time to read and absorb new information.

– My skin – which suffered for years from terrible acne and scarring – finally had the chance to begin to heal up.

– I had to become more inventive and resourceful, due to a decrease in funds for things. Financial solutions I had employed in the past sometimes required more creative substitutes.

– I had more time and mind/soul space to focus on prayer, meditation, and introspection.


Some other beautiful things that came out of 2017:

– New or deepened friendships.

– Some experience with Python and other programming languages and tools.

Improved health (especially this month).

– Random surprises and generosity from friends. Events I got to go enjoy with friends for free, amid my financial struggles this year.


Despite everything I learned this year – and all the beautiful moments – I am very ready for 2018. 🙂 I have a deep sense of excitement and hope for this year. And even if it ends up being as challenging as 2017, I know I’ll learn things.

Goodbye, 2017. Your memory will be cherished, but you will not be missed.


What are some of your memories (good, bad, or neutral) from 2017? What are your hopes for 2018?

© 2017 Kate Richardson All Rights Reserved

6 thoughts on “Goodbye, 2017

  1. A Chicken

    What a beautiful outlook.

    Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

    2017 has brought me both the most pain and the most growth. The time and resources to heal are the most incredible blessings.

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    1. Thank you, A Chicken, for reading and sharing about your own 2017. ❤ I'm sorry this year has brought a lot of pain for you. Why is it that pain and growth always seem to go together? :/ 🙄 You are so right, having sufficient time and the right tools/environment in which to heal is an incredible gift. Hope your 2018 surpasses your 2017 in delightfulness and opportunity for growth. ❤ ❤


      1. A Chicken

        Thank you Kate! I would ask the exact same thing – why pain and growth seem to go together.

        At the least, pain and change appear inexorably linked. Perhaps pain can be a challenge to forge change in a positive direction?

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  2. Food For Thought

    Good read Kate. I am finding a common theme reading 2017 posts. We seem to all be grateful the lessons it has taught us but also happy to see the back of it! I can say I am glad 2018 is here. I am sorry to hear of the pain last year caused however as you said, you would not change it. We can learn from last year and I can already feel the shift of the new year so I send you blessings for 2018.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey friend! 🙂 Well said. The lessons were worth the pain, but it’s still a wonderful thing to have 2017 behind us. Hope you have a fantastic 2018! Thanks for reading and sharing. ❤


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