pictures of papery, leafy hearts - representations of things I appreciate

Things I Appreciate

In life and in people.

INTP relationship

INTP Relationships

From a female INTP's perspective.

journey to health symbolized by journey through mountains

My Journey to Recovery: An Update

And some new foods I can eat!

people in torture chamber (i.e. at work)

Stuck in the Torture Chamber

Toxic workplace? Daily grind getting you down? This is just for you. ❤

dictionary opened to definition of "dictionary"

English Error Pet Peeves

Which ones make you cringe the most?

question mark

There Is Always A “Why”

People don't generally wake up and say "I'm going to be a jerk today".

woman studying in people-watching spot

The Good, the Bad, the Ugly, and the Indifferent

There is something that can be learned from everyone.