This is something I wrote last year (with slight modifications), in an effort to express myself and sort through my thoughts.


Sitting here, writing songs
With a tea kettle burn on my left arm,
Wearing my tee shirt and yoga pants,
Wishing I had a good tune, to get up and dance.

Got a mind full of questions
After such a long day.
Watched the people's expressions,
Tried to study each face.

I went to the mountains,
Drove to the store.
Read a good book,
And tackled some chores.
And I'm not really sure
Which things mattered more.
Am I wasting my life?
I don't know, but I'm worn
And I'm

Torn between the surreal and mundane
The mental battles and the physical pain.
Not really sure which one feels more insane.
Maybe the questions I'm asking are lame, but I'm

Torn between the blue sky, the green earth.
Yet somehow, I think without one, there's a dearth
Of the other, they cover and link with each other.
The flesh and the soul often breathe together.

Not really sure where this conclusion brings me.
It's nice though to know every moment has meaning.

Washing laundry, fixing tires,
Paying bills, repairing wires,
Dancing in the rain and fire,
Climbing mountains, soaring higher.

Maybe you are feeling discouraged because
That venture that you started transformed into rust.
Your steady, unseen efforts got lost in the dust.
Get up, keep moving on, get up because
It's not about the end - it's all in the process.
The glory doesn't matter - it's the progress
That you make in every moment
When you're faced with disappointment.
The struggles that you face have been anointed.

© 2017 Kate Richardson All Rights Reserved


3 thoughts on “Torn

  1. Thank you for your honesty, again.
    Meaning and fulfillment can only come spiritually along with the flow of healing.
    We’re in the middle of warfare that seems vague at times. Only we’re the targets who walk the earth today. A prize to the Lord. Less than trash to our common enemy- Satan the fallen angel.
    Peace, Gary B.

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