Just Another Work Day

It’s Tuesday morning. Nothing special. It’s not even hump day. If you’ve got a 9-5 job, then it’s likely just the second day in your work week.

Tuesday is BOOOORING. Because you have all of today, plus THREE. MORE. DAYS. to trudge through. You feel exhausted just thinking about it. Unless you love your job, in which case it only sometimes feels like you’re trudging through. (Even a job you love will be a job you hate on the occasional day.)

All you wanna do is snuggle under the covers and get some more of the sleep you desperately need.

Because you’re exhausted, you’re afraid that your fatigue will show through at work in odd ways. Afraid you’ll communicate poorly with your boss and coworkers, underperform on the job, and eventually get fired for not consistently operating on all four cylinders. If that’s you, you’re not alone. My mind used to travel that road all the time. I was chronically fatigued and anxious. I expected the worst.

Now you’re concerned that you look less presentable (and possibly hungover) because you’re underslept, and you didn’t have time this morning to apply much makeup or perfectly groom your hair. Your body demanded that extra bit of shuteye instead.

Ask yourself now, what’s the worst that can happen today? When you walk through those all-too-familiar doors into the abyss, what’s the worst thing you could possibly do that would really blow it? What’s the worst thing your coworkers could think of you, for not being entirely put together?

(Could they think that you’re -*gasp* – HUMAN?!)

They might hardly notice your personal presentation. Or they might totally scrutinize every detail of your face and outfit and judge you. But that would say more about them than it would about you, no?

People are tired all the time. Most of your coworkers are. Maybe some of them are better at hiding it. Of course, there’s that one coworker who always seems rested, going on only four hours of slumber. Every workplace has its “Energizer Bunny”. And that’s cool. Good for them! You don’t begrudge them that…(do you?)? 😉

But let’s be real. You’re human, Bro/Sis. HUMAN. That means you have limits. That means you are not a machine.

Remember that, and you’ll respect yourself more (and possibly perform better, because you’re not taking up brain space being anxious that you’ll underperform). Give the best that you can. That’s all that you can or should be expected to do.

As long as you believe that you are just a machine at your workplace, you’ll continue to feel more stressed as you realize that you can’t keep up with the pace or consistency of a machine.

I’m not saying don’t be present or engaged at work. Just saying that your ability to produce is going to vary from day to day, and that’s why you’re (hopefully?) part of a team and not working alone.

Hopefully, you have a group of comrades that can step in and pick up the slack when you’re underslept or recovering from a cold, and you have a boss who understands that you’re not made of cogs and metal. Hopefully, your boss doesn’t want a robotic workforce.

But if you’re unfortunate (or fortunate, depending on your preference) enough to work alone, or to have a boss who doesn’t accept that you’re flesh and bone, you’ll have to be the one reminding yourself that it’s okay to be who you are. To feel weak, to fail, to make mistakes (but try to learn from them). That’s normal.

Your boss might be an evil tyrant (or a very unhappy or trapped person) who wants to make you feel guilty for (accidentally) falling short of company standards, but the reality is, he/she probably doesn’t meet up to them 100% every day either.

Or, he/she may simply be concerned about company stewardship and avoiding costly mistakes, and wants you to feel the weight of that, too.

Regardless, don’t take your boss’s or coworkers’ disapproval too hard. Learn what you can, but remember: this is not your identity. This job. How you perform in this job. What your team thinks of you. Your “failures” and “achievements” within these walls of stone stay within the walls of stone.

Ahhhhh. Now you can breathe.

Don’t buy the lie that says everyone else on your team is perfect, and that you’re just a mess because you don’t have it all together. Hey, as long as you work with integrity, it will show. An observant boss will appreciate the effort you put in.

If you’re feeling really uncertain about the quality of your performance (or even if you’re not), it’s a good idea to check in with your boss periodically and ask for feedback. That shows them that you care, and gives you a good idea of whether your performance is on par with expectations. If you are an employee who cares, you may be pleasantly surprised to find out how well you’re actually doing.

In closing, here are a few reasons and reminders to enjoy your Tuesday:

  • It’s not Monday (YAY!!)
  • It’s not the weekend (which goes by way too fast when it’s here). You still have the weekend ahead of you!
  • Tomorrow’s HUMP DAY!
  • Tuesday is for tenacity, toughness, and tranquility. You have a greater reserve of these qualities than you know. After all, you showed up, even though you probably didn’t feel like it.
  • You’re not the only one feeling this way about Tuesday. Your boss and coworkers are, no doubt, experiencing the same malaise, even if they’re hiding it. It’s unlikely that everyone else is thrilled it’s Tuesday and expects you to be thrilled, too. So you’re in this swamp together.
  • It’s another day with the opportunity to make someone else’s day. Might be a sincere compliment, a bit of help you give your coworker, or asking someone “Are you doing okay?” if they don’t look alright. Use your discretion. But remember, you are where you are for a reason (your obvious work is rarely your greatest mission. It’s the place and the people that your work brings to you. They are your mission.) You, superhero, are an agent of love, compassion, wisdom, joy, and steadiness. You have been planted at this workplace to carry out these tasks and accomplish this mission. As long as you have a purpose to serve in this place, you will not lose your job or be compelled to leave. But if and when your mission here is accomplished, you will be nudged to move on, in one way or another. (This mentality was very helpful for me in making it through each day at my previous jobs.)

You are amazing. Even if no one tells you. Even if your coworkers never express appreciation for you. You don’t need that. No. I’m here to tell you that you are beautiful and powerful, capable and talented. It’s true, even if you and I and God are the only ones who seem to see or know that.

So crush this day like the champion you are! Just by being you. ❤

Hope all of this helped to brighten your morning a bit. Happy Tuesday!! 🙂

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