What’s Your Personality Type?

For years, I’ve been fascinated with the study of MBTI personality types.

While I’m not a big fan of assigning labels to people – as individuals are so much more complex and diverse than 16 groupings can possibly represent – I have found the knowledge of a person’s personality test results to be invaluable in helping me understanding how to connect with them, and gaining insight into why they do what they do. The Myers-Briggs system has aided me in cultivating more compassion and acceptance for people with personalities very different from my own.

Depending on the website you read or the online test you take, you may get various generalized labels associated with your letter combination (on one site, ISFP = “Artist”, whereas on another site, ISFP = “Adventurer”).

Free (unofficial) Personality Tests:



What’d you get?

Read a brief description here about your personality type result(s).

Photo by Derek Huang on Unsplash


Below are some single-word descriptions of each type from 16personalities.com and mypersonality.info:


INTJ => “Architect” / “Strategist”

INTP => “Logician” / “Engineer”

ENTJ => “Commander” / “Chief”

ENTP => “Debater” / “Originator”

INFJ => “Advocate” / “Confidant”

INFP => “Mediator” / “Dreamer”

ENFJ => “Protagonist” / “Mentor”

ENFP => “Campaigner” / “Advocate”

ISTJ => “Logistician” / “Examiner”

ISFJ => “Defender” / “Defender”

ESTJ => “Executive” / “Overseer”

ESFJ => “Consul” / “Supporter”

ISTP => “Virtuoso” / “Craftsman”

ISFP => “Adventurer” / “Artist”

ESTP => “Entrepreneur” / “Persuader”

ESFP => “Entertainer” / “Entertainer”

Photo by Hannah Busing on Unsplash

If you don’t like the one-word description(s) you got, don’t take them too seriously. There is so much more to you than even volumes written on your type could cover. These labels don’t really mean much, unless you find them to be accurate to you and encouraging. 🙂 No two people within any of these categories are the same, or capable of being depicted by single words.

Feel free to share what type(s) you got in the comments below!

Photo by Daniel Apodaca on Unsplash

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16 thoughts on “What’s Your Personality Type?

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  3. The 16 Types are fascinating. My favorite book on them is “Life Types” by Hirsch & Kummerow. Amazon.com has it. Very informative and explained simply. Lots of good details.

    The frustration for me has always been when 2 or 3 Types seem like they are 85% true, but there’s always 1 or 2 things that are waaayy off. Sigh. I’ve come out as an ISTJ, and INTJ and also an ISTP> On top of that, I *feel* that I am much more outgoing, very much like an ENTP (but with better follow-through on getting things done). Also, like an INTP, sometimes onc I feel I really understand something, then I may quickly lose in it (no always) and move on to some other interesting thing.

    There’s more: These 1-word descriptions of each type that we often see. I think these are doing more damage than good. People look at them and OOOOOH, we get to be a “Visionary” if we’re an ENTP. Or most CEO’s are ENTJ’s and we wanna be that cuz it’s so cool to be in charge and project commanding leadership. Or maybe you want recognition for how caring you are so it’d be cool to be an ISFJ. All this is bad. We shouldn’t know, ahead of time. It skews the results and finding your accurate type. Same with picking the same type as anyone famous. My opinion. (but I am always right about these things. haha Just kidding….).

    On youtube, type in Living My Purpose and (4-letter type). This guy Mike Adams (not me) gives good info.

    One more thing, IMO, “functions” in type, are seriously over-emphasized. I know I am very much in the minority here, but who even talks about the 4-letters anymore?!? It’s all bogged-down in Introverted Intuition, Extroverted Sensing, etc…sooo much that it nearly might as well be a whole new system. Again, the Book Life Types seems pretty solid and informative to me. –theOwl30 at: wordpressowl.wordpress.com
    #Myers-Briggs #Personality #16Types #PersonalityTypes #Psychology #Teens #College #Students #Communication #mbti

    And another

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    1. Hey theOwl30! Yes!! I’ve experienced this frustration as well. It seems like there are two or three types that seem to almost fit or partially fit, but then there are those pieces of the description(s) that just seem so wrong. I think it speaks to the limitation of the 16 personalities. There are just way too many personality permutations in humanity to be encompassed by any system. The 16 are fun and can be useful to an extent, but like any classification or labeling system, the 16 structure has its limits.

      Also, really insightful point about the one-word descriptions. While they can be interesting, they are certainly very limiting. One thing about these descriptions that really irks me (although I still chose to include them in this piece, haha) is that some of them sound more like careers and some of them sound, well…fluffy, or more generalized. So if you end up with a “fluffy” description, there’s the tendency to feel like you’re a bit inferior to other types. And even if you get a description that does seem to fit and that you like, it’s possible to feel that you sort of have to live up to that, or that you’re limited to that label, and not entitled to adopt any of the other ones. “I’m a logistician, therefore, I cannot also be an artist and an architect and an entrepreneur”. And you’re right, knowing these labels can influence the way you take the test, because you want to get (or avoid) certain results.

      Thanks for reading and commenting! It’s great to hear from an ISTJ/INTJ/ISTP/ENTP/INTP. 🙂 I can really relate on the part about getting bored with something after learning all about it, then wanting to move on to the next thing. 🙂

      ❤ an INTP/INFP/everything-including-the-kitchen-sink-person

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      1. Right on! Enjoyed your reply. Keep up the good work on your blog. I’m still getting used to wordpress. How do I get more people to see my posts? Since the posts on my “Blog” (at wordpressowl.wordpress.com) are not a reply to any specufic person, who will read them? I’ve been trying to include 4 it 5 hastags and hope more people find things that way. As for finding people, it’s more of using the search-box and typing-in a topic and then see who is an interesting writer about that. I may also try Wix.com someday (free version). But I’ m not into feeling like I have to write everyday. It IS fun, but I don’t want to get sooop sucked-in that I feel overly “obligated” to followers. If I “have to” think if done “output” each day, maybe I’ve gone too far. I sometimes think it might be kewl to make 20 YouTube videos (I”very never done any), and leave “em up…i.e….set it and forget it. Plus, I may be old for blogging. I’m over 50…but it’s a blast to find topics we enjoy and the people who write informatively and clearly about them. #OldiesRock #OldTVshows #SelfHelp #Philosophy #Books #Communication
        Another good type book is also Type Talk. Anyway, it’s dinner time. Have a fun week! – theOwl30


  4. Ughh. Typos, above. Using a laptop now. My previous reply was written on a tablet. It has an auto-correct on the spelling and often 2nd-guesses me wrong on the typing. And probably one-third of the time its me. Sigh. Somehow it makes a huge difference when i can use something with a REAL keyboard (like now) instead of a keypad on screen (like above). Cant find “edit” to correct previous post. Oh well, I’m telling myself: “Keep Calm and Blog on!” 🙂

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    1. Nuts. If it won’t let you edit it, maybe you can copy the text somewhere else and revise it, and then let me know to try to remove your comment so you can repost the revised version. No worries either way though. 🙂 We all know the pain of typos, especially in the age of auto-correct! 😛

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    2. For more views, I’d recommend adding up to (but no more than) 15 tags + categories total per post. I read once that posts don’t show in the Reader if they have more than 15 tags/categories. (Not sure if this is still true.) However, you also don’t want too few tags. I generally like to get as close to 15 as possible. I like to make my tags a mix of very broad categories (such as “life” and “love”) and some more specific categories (such as “Myers-Briggs” or “sulfur intolerance”). This seems to work okay.

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