What I Like About Henna Shampoo

I frequently use henna shampoo when washing my hair. Briefly, here are some of the things I love about henna shampoo:

Henna can promote hair growth

This is a big plus for me, as I shed hair like nobody’s business.


Hair conditioning properties

I rarely apply conditioner. When using henna shampoo, I typically find that my hair doesn’t need any additional moisturization.


Henna shampoo often has a pleasant smell that reminds me of cherries and almonds.

Nice side benefit.


Hair-glossing and highlighting effects

This seems to be especially effective on blonde hair, producing red or light golden highlights.


But I’ve only scratched the surface. Henna offers many additional health benefits!


Disclaimer: While I’ve personally found henna to be a valuable natural hair treatment, I encourage you to do your own research prior to making any purchases, and to exercise caution when experimenting with products. If you experiment with henna, you do so at your own risk of allergic reactions or other issues.

© 2017 Kate Richardson All Rights Reserved


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3 thoughts on “What I Like About Henna Shampoo

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