Why I Like the Color Brown



It’s the color of earth and wood. The color of nature before things spring to life, and after those things have expired.


It’s the color of cinnamon and cloves, coffee and chocolate*, and apple cider.


It’s in the beautiful eyes, skin, and hair of billions of humans across the globe.


It’s the glue for all other colors. Whether it’s red, green, blue, purple, white, black, gold, cream, or pink, brown can add that final touch. There are few colors which brown does not complement. It even pairs with orange and yellow in the glorious autumn display.




Brown means fertile ground. Opportunity. New beginnings.


Brown is a color often overlooked, but without it, there is no life.


And yet…brown’s not even my favorite color! (It is among my second favorites.) 🙂


* I sorely miss coffee and chocolate. My heart remembers them with great fondness. But they no longer love me. 😦

© 2017 Kate Richardson All Rights Reserved



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2 thoughts on “Why I Like the Color Brown

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