What I LOVE About My Sister



No, she didn’t put me up to this. 🙂

Nobody asked me to write this.


I feel like these words I’m about to say don’t really do her justice, but here goes.

She never wears makeup, yet she constantly looks absolutely stunning. She looks as intelligent as she does beautiful, and she is both those things.

None who are acquainted with her (especially outside the family) are likely aware of just how many questions and how much rich dialogue goes on in her head. Of all the mental gymnastics taking place each second. But when we’re alone, she shares her perceptive observations, beautiful ideals, and deep questions in such an articulate manner. (I keep telling her she needs to start writing all these thoughts and sharing them with the world, because she is so gifted at assembling the perfect verbiage to effectively communicate her point.)

She doesn’t seem to know it, but her gait exudes great confidence. And her fashion sense only further supports her image of collectedness.

She asks herself and others hard questions and is intellectually honest, even when it isolates her from the people around her. She is brave enough to admit that there are things she doesn’t know or understand, and she doesn’t pretend to believe things just to make others or herself comfortable. She does not lie to her mind.

She has the most beautiful grin and gorgeous chin. Her lovely, well-maintained tresses and deep, intelligent gaze – topped off with her leather jacket – make her look like the b****s superhero that she is.

Her laugh is contagious.

She is kind, but she never compromises or backs down from her point. She is firm, solid, and always prepared with a comeback.

When I was a little girl (about 4-5?), I felt so lonely having no sister (and two brothers who didn’t always want me to play with them). I prayed for a little sister, and she was the answer to that prayer. ❤

In our years growing up, she was much bolder than I, and while we did not always get along then, I now consider her one of my best friends. While she is over five years younger, that age gap no longer matters. She has brought out a side of me that I was afraid to express (and maybe didn’t even know I had) for the longest time.

She has more potential than she knows, and I am so proud of her.

Do you have a sister, a brother, or another family member to whom you are close? Or a friend who is like family?

6 thoughts on “What I LOVE About My Sister

      1. A Chicken

        Is she into Asian guys, and would she be open to some three-way action with a certain female family member of hers a little over five years older than her??

        Liked by 1 person

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