Natural Pain Relievers

If you’re in shoes like mine, you frequently experience pain, but you can’t take any synthetic pain relievers because of the damage they inflict on the gut.

So, what are some of my all-natural pain killer friends?


#1 Dark Cherries


Dark cherries are rich in phytochemicals called anthocyanins – highly anti-inflammatory agents. By reducing inflammation in the body, these chemicals can often reduce pain as well.

One caveat: you may have to consume a lot of cherries (and give it some time) before you notice a difference. Even a few cherries can provide quite a sugar hit, so if you suffer from yeast infection, blood sugar/pressure issues, heart disease, or diabetes, you’ll especially want to monitor your carb and sugar intake.

Note: buy your cherries organic, as cherries are heavily sprayed. The Costco stores in my area offer frozen organic cherries for a decent price.

#2 Olive Oil


As with cherries, it takes a considerable level of consumption to experience the pain-alleviating effects of olive oil, so cook with it as much as possible. Add it to your soups, salads, sandwiches, and whatever other food you feel adventurous enough to try with it.

Olive oil accesses the same chemical pathway as ibuprofen.

#3 Boswellia (Frankincense)


If I had to pick a favorite natural pain reliever, it would be Boswellia. In my experience, Boswellia has acted the most rapidly to reduce inflammation and pain. The pictured supplement is the one I have on hand. This formulation also contains Devil’s Claw, another natural pain reducer.


#4 White Willow Bark


The brand in this picture is also one that I use. In my experience, white willow bark takes a while to kick in, but once it does, the effects last for quite some time.

One unpleasant side effect I’ve experienced with white willow bark is the need for frequent urination. I’ve experienced disturbed sleep while consuming this, due to urgent bathroom visits in the night/morning.

If you are sensitive to salicylates, I’d steer clear of white willow bark.


So those are some of my go-to pain medications! 🙂

Have you experimented with alternative pain-killing remedies? Let me know in the comments section below – I’d love to hear about your experiences and learn something new!

Please read my disclaimer.

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