Ecological Fallacy

Kate/ August 4, 2018

Inferences about the nature of individuals are solely based on the aggregate statistics collected for the group to which those individuals belong. Similar to the Association Fallacy and the Fallacy of Division, the Ecological Fallacy makes inferences about individuals on the basis of a

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Life, Lyme, and Logic – An Update

Kate/ August 2, 2018

My Dear Readers, I realize I’ve been pulling back on publishing for the past few days… …Weeks… Okay, months. :/ Between health issues, blog transitions, and life, it’s been a challenge. I just moved Reflection Cube and The Bleeding Blogger from

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Several Possible Reasons For Food Intolerance

Kate/ July 16, 2018

It is possible for multiple people to be sensitive to the same food for many different reasons. Here, we’ll look at some foods to which people are commonly sensitive and/or allergic, and examine some of the possible explanations for their adverse reactions.

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Fallacies – Chronological Snobbery

Kate/ June 30, 2018

A thesis is deemed incorrect because it was commonly held when something else, known to be false, was also commonly held.

Vaccines: Safe or Not?

Kate/ June 14, 2018

Vaccines: Arguments For and Against Many people are either strong proponents of vaccinations or are strongly opposed to them. Regardless of your present stance, I encourage you to take the time to examine the information presented here, as well as some of

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Kate/ May 31, 2018

I need some electricity in my veins. I can feel my energy beginning to wane. What will make me alive again? Be the antidote for my weakening brain? My heart needs electricity to run. Electrolytes are the bullets, Adrenals are the gun.

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